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You know, I probably should’ve had a blog since I started writing.  I tend to be against the things that rise up as the latest trends, and vehemently so.  Like facebook [bleh], blogs were one of those things.  Thus, my blog is first created in 2008 to be an archive for my writing-site pieces as the site crashes and burns. 

It had it’s up’s and down’s.  The pennies were not an up, and the people of out-of-line opinion weren’t necessarily a downeither.  It very certainly was not what I had expected, to somewhat of my disappointment.  But online writing is what it is.  Some of the new literary mags are going online and it’s not so bad.  Diagram here. 

I wonder what the real writers, in their eclectic office spaces in the corner of their solitary cabin in the woods think of online writing.  I wonder how the internet connection is out there.