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I won’t ever go into professional blogging.  I’ll mess around with it some more, but I won’t stay here.  I’ll never stop crafting words, and finding new tools to use, but it won’t likely be on your computer screen.  Books and bundled things are becoming slowly old school, but whatever I do will make a pass at keeping the offline alive. 

And though I worked for Expedia for about as long as it took me to realize that selling those knife sets in high school was a scam, I don’t think I was very good at those online summaries either.  Here, however, if a writer who knows the tone, the ins and outs of the demands of online writing.  Writers, take note(s).  Atheists, rebut if you must, but you should also be taking notes.

This kid’s brilliant : Jim on science and religion via Barnes and Noble excursion.