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Relational Concepts [relationalconcepts.org] just put out a new article on the phrase sprawled across Michigander bumper stickers and the ideas behind it. Does love really always win?, I remember asking when I lived in Michigan and saw the stickers all the time. My mind skipped to Jesus turning the tables in the temple, wondering if love was winning there, or if Jesus had another immediate purpose, or if that isolated incident was far out of context, or if choice D, all of the above would be right-er…

It’s a mushy view of the Gospel that love always wins. Imbalanced at the least, I’d say (like ragamuffin).   It’s oversimplifying to a fault.  And it’s sort of a reconstruction of the image of Jesus Christ, which is severely detrimental to Christianity because people don’t have a solid picture of the historical Jesus as it is.  Why y’all gotta go messing it up further?

Love is one characteristic among many that needs to be balanced and in solid interaction with the rest of God.  I won’t ever lie to you, unbelieving friend, and tell you that it’s all gonna be okay, or that I’ll be there no matter what, or that love wins with this God I love, all the time.  I’d rather give you a Bible and let you see the full story for yourself.  Start in the gospel of John, maybe.

I largely digress…