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Reconnecting with friends from way back when is transforming for me. It’s a different situation with each high school classmate, fetus-friend, or neighbor boy but my thrill at reconnection is waning.

I’m appalled at this natural-reaction decline because of how well these people know my then-self. We’re complex people with fresh ideas and certain tendencies and favorite things. Anyone from my childhood and teen years who knew these things about me had the edge. And it’s not as if they’ve lost the edge, it’s just the the product in question is changing and the edge is dulling in sharpness.

Scripture says that iron sharpens iron, and I wonder who the subjects in question qualify to be?  For some of them, I certainly have something to give, some piece of truth with which to sharpen their rough edges…but you’d be surprised at how many people are quite content with the nics and cuts on their dull blades.  I can’t skate two feet without feeling comfortable on my edges – and I have yet to learn how these old friends of mine are managing to stay standing.

Is there anything that these friends from years ago can rummage up to sharpen me?  Sometimes I doubt what they have to offer in their ignorance or naivety.  I suppose the open mind would thrill to learn about apartments in New York City, or bar tabs overseas, basketball and boyfriends and people I’ll never meet. 

Here’s to an open mind, an availability to sharpen and lift up others, even when they turn their heads to what I have to give.  And here’s to every childhood and teenage memory, building into the foundation of me – a “me” who is twelve guesses removed from who they ever thought I’d be.