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I purged my facebook friends for about 15 minutes the other day.  For someone like me, who’s been a hater of the ‘book since the day I signed up for an account under the peer pressure of my at-the-time boyfriend and best friend, that’s far too long to be spending on that website.  Or, to be politically correct about it…that social networking tool.  Hardly.

I deleted probably 50 facebook friends who were, of course, not really friends of mine at all.  Most were kids I knew in high school, or knew of, or thought could’ve maybe existed.  Honestly, I graduated in a class of over 900 kids at the very-former World Music Theater, former Tweeter center, soon to be demolished-pile-of-building.  I played games with the “S” folk who sat by me, mostly trouble makers that lived in my neighborhood who pulled my extra tassles and honors ribbons in jest the entire ceremony.  Kids walked across that stage, millions of miles from my row 720 seat, who I thought were younger than me, who I thought graduated before I began as a freshman, who I have never seen before, and who I was sure played sports for a neighboring high school.  And, yes, they all tried to facebook friend me at some point after college.  Even the one kid who I know was in jail the entire time I was in college.  Yes, such good friends we were.

So far, none of these 50 or so former facebook friends of mine have noticed their defriending, or they don’t much care, because none have requested re-friendship.  Maybe they know I’m right, and our cyber connection was really all we ever had. 

Right after this personal downsizing, I read this article written on facebook’s 5th anniversary, which oddly illustrates my stance quite well. 

Is facebook anything more to you than connectivity?  Even with the positive aspects acknowledge, can they ever outweigh the superficiality?  Like we really need any more of that in today’s culture.  Skip facebook today, call someone you love instead.