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There’ve been so many thoughts standing on the edge of somewhere this past week or so.  Every stimulant is a memory.  There’s so much writing going on in my head, on ripped off pieces of reciept paper, around the edges of napkins, even on the inside of my duct tape wallet, where last months poem has faded to almost gone.  I’ve gotta set my feet a bit more on the ground in order to get it all out properly. 

And, what am I doing exploring the blog’s of folks I don’t know when I have work for my graduate classes due many yesterday’s ago?  Can’t answer that one, but this post of a Godly dude stopped me from moving another inch.  Check it out here. [Posted without permission…is that legit?]

I hate when I read things that aren’t written in light of my thoughts or choices at all, and they seem to be spot on, speaking directly into my life!  For a second, it’s sorta creepy.  But then it’s like my customer at booth 42 said, “I don’t believe things like this are a coincidence at all.”  You’re right, Pastor Dan, they’re not.

I still don’t want to, but it’s time to open my clenched fists and be healed.  Father, go slowly, cause I’m still on the edge of breaking.