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With best regards to my good friend Josi, Nebraska is a complete bore from the 4th floor window of the Crowne Plaza. From this hill, the view isn’t as barren and farm-filled as I would’ve expected, in the Husker’s defense. There’s a Bag ‘n’ Save with a blue roof that I can see, but as it turns out, I can’t walk there unless I ford the river. It was too cold yesterday, and probably still too wet today.

It’s true, I’ve done things this weekend that I’ve never done before, so I’ll mark that down as moderately risky when I get home to my Adventure chart.  I used the individual coffee maker located (oddly) in the hotel bathroom.  Used it twice, no, three successful times!  Twice: to make hot water that cooked my travel Ramen meal.  Once: to make coffee, which was mostly sugar in the raw and powdered non-dairy creamer.  Yummy times three and, yes, adventurous.

You know, of course, that since I’ve stopped playing soccer, I abstain from most forms of physical activity.  Maybe it’s some sort of protest against the lack of futbol in my life.  But that would mean I’m protesting myself, which doesn’t make any sense at all.  So, no.  The alarming truth is: I rode the stationary bike here at the hotel for nineteen minutes, accompanied by my dear friend, Sam Harris.  Too bored (Sam and I ceased to have profitable convo at this point) to finish the twentieth minute, Mr. Harris stayed on the deck and I then jumped into the pool.  Treading water is more difficult than I remember, but all the working out was good.  Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.  Just maybe, don’t get excited.

I’ve kept up with my internet time-wasters: sites like gmail, goodsearch, and youtube, in the absence of my social life.  I’ll surely find out when I get home, that this aimless network wandering probably cost me another seventy dollars on the most expensive weekend of my life.  Tonight when I go see a movie and eat dinner at a steakhouse, recommended to me by the travel information man at the airport, I’ll front a comfortable cover of solo-living and tip twenty percent.  Then I’ll spend the night sleeping on my suitcase in the airport terminal, like a showered but still tired homeless woman. 

Nebraska brings out the duality in me.  Cheers!