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Which ones are story-worthy?  Compelling?  Curious?

The sweatshirt I wore that night must’ve gotten mixed in with a box of old winter clothes. For years, I’d thought it was gone. Or maybe I’d hoped it was so I wouldn’t have to show you all my scars.

Truth is, I’d rather wait tables.

It was because I fell in love with a man from Fort Collins, Colorado. Though, the story I tell is that I used to have a friend and we used to live baseball lives together. Both are true in their own regard.

I know today’s the day you drive West.

I’m hiding in the woods on this Northern Michigan lake, but your letter found me yesterday.

Vegas is flashing lights and fountains.  It’s selling myself on the strip.  Vegas is America’s cardboard cut-out for fun.  And I’m fun only about sixty percent of the time.