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I’d love to start doing little reviews on Chicago spots that may fly under the radar for those of you who live in and love on this Midwestern Urbana. And, yes, this is for the whopping seven and a half people who read my blog.  Asante Sanna.

It’s a Saturday morning.  I’m sleeping at one of my three (?) city locations of non-residence.  My mom called me a vagabond the other day.  Great.  My feet are sore from two twelve-hour shifts.  But I crawl my lazy self out of bed and underneath a baseball cap for breakfast with my dear friend.

Exceedingly and abundantly more than worth it.

A co-worker told me all about a breakfast joint, Yolk, that she loved in the South Loop.  Weeks ago, I walked by a place by the same name just south of school (Chicago and Wells, Near North/River North) and made a plan to stop by.  This was the day that breakfast got even better.

The place was full of people and breakfast chatter when we arrived at 11am.    We sat at the breakfast bar, which runs the length of the long, skinny space alongside the open kitchen. 

Our waitress was the most phenom breakfast waitress I’ve ever had.  Sammi – request her if you go.  I guess that when my breakfast accolade list includes the likes of iHOPs across the Midwest and Waffle Houses on the highways, that isn’t saying much, but regardless of my ameteur opinion, she really was delightful.

It takes me twenty-five minutes to decide what I want on a normal menu.  One look at this menu and I realize that I might be here for hours.  It’s vast.  Surprised by unique ingredients like granola in the pancakes and avocado in the omelettes, reading the menu was like three pages of test questions.  In a good way?

I liked their coffee, and I generally don’t like coffee – so this is a big deal.  I only use coffee drinks for the drug-assimilating purposes they possess and with enough sugar, it tastes like dessert, which I appreciate.  Blue-crunch pancakes: good.  Steak skillet: very flavor-ful, good.  Coffee and french vanilla non-dairy creamer: surprisingly, as I said, good (and bonus points for the dairy-free detail!).  Waitress: good.  Colors: bright, wake-up inducing, good.

I realize the culture has watered down language so much that you read “good” and don’t jump out of your seat.  But in this set of reviews good is the best it can get.  Good means GO.  No means no.

Yolk: good.  Go.