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Breakfast again, it’s true. Recommended by a friend, again (although I won’t name names because it pales in comparison to my breakfast experience at Yolk.)  Review, again.  Note patterns.

Orange has at least four locations around the city limits of Chicago. Truth be told, they’re not all that far from one another, either. It’s kind of a one-per-unofficial-neighborhood situation.  Which works out if it was so stellar that no matter where I lived or worked, I’d be dying for a cup of orange-infused coffee or a mini-stack of flighted pancakes.  But, I just didn’t find the place all that irresistable.

The one I ate at with my friend, Julie, is in Lakeview, at Clark and Belmont (the rest of the co-working cast was beauty-resting, presumably.)  Right in the Boystown ‘hood of Lakeview, the place wasn’t overwhelming, maybe 15 or 20 tables, one wooden wrap-around booth that was sort of BoHo.  Turns out the make-shift hostess doesn’t speak English, so we both sort of sat ourselves.  The silver was tied with string and there were trivia cards in a metal bucket on the table.  Clever times two.

The menu was brief — breakfast on one side, lunch on the other.  The feature was a fruit sushi, frushi.  The menu categories were pancakes and eggs,that’s it.  Our rarely-present waiter showed us a presentation plate of the frushi and added a hardly-helpful explanation.  Looked delish, so we ordered it as a breakfast appetizer.  Never knew there was such a thing for the most massive meal of the day – but, welcome to America – there is always more.

Frushi was a hit.  I should’ve had that as my meal.  Instead, I ordered a pancake flight – a buncha baby stacks with different toppings presented in a four-quadrant plate.  Pancakes, dry.  Toppings, unique and tasty, but lacking in quantity.  Figs, not part of my preferred palate, this morning or ever.  Food, fair to midland.  It was by no means the worst, I just could’ve taken or left it. 

In light of a mediocre experience, brownie points for the green eggs and ham on the menu, which boasted a homemade pesto.  I’d go back to Orange for the frushi, and it looked like the fresh-squeezed orange juice can be modified ’til kingdom come, so I might try that, too.  But, why bother, as long as there’s Yolk?

Orange: fair.  Go to Yolk, instead.