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Truth: Some places don’t do well with large groups, or question mark groups (which is what Tuesdays usually bring for me and my non-committal friends) but The 3rd Coast had a ball with us.  They weren’t crowded (evident by our duelling male waiters, always racing to fill our coffee and take our orders) yet they were playful instead of hovering over our shoulders while we chatted.  Plus two.

Our waiter made a tall claim from the get-go. What should we try, we asked.  Anything with bacon, he said.  Our bacon is the best bacon in the world.  I’ll shoot straight with you – I had to hold back from making a series of smart comments at this point.  Of course it isn’t.  All bacon tastes the same, and that’s about 1/2 as good as most breakfast sausages, in my meat-loving opinion.  I ate my thoughts and two pieces of bacon when it came about thirty minutes later.  He was right and you should go there even if it’s just to eat bacon – thick, crispy, lean, long pieces.  Plus thirty seven and a half

Even aside from the bacon, the food stood out.  The menu – on first glance – didn’t start me salivating.  It was pretty regualr, save for a few odd items among which were Norwegian Lox (which, as I suspected was akin to smoked salmon) and Smoked Polish Sausage (which I ordered and was delighted to clean the plate).  Plus three and a quarter for the orignality of the lox, plus niner for my sausage. 

Blythe suggested that we order a homemade scone.  She always wants one when she comes here, but then has a craving for a bagel with cream cheese and regrets her last minute pregnancy-style urge.  So we ordered a raspberry scone as a sort of breakfast appetizer.  Good choice.  It wasn’t break-your-teeth hard, but thick dough, kind of crumbly and sweet.  Delish plus a minimum of six (seven for those who had whipped cream with their bite.)

I was tempted to break into the extensive list of ales, but since it was barely noon, I decided that breakfast should stay breakfast at this creative combination spot.  I’d come back in the evening to check out how the thick cherrywood benches and tables shift loyalties with a late night crowd. 

Third Coast Cafe: Try it out, unique, GO.  I’ll let you do the math.