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You can see stages and versions of this piece all over my website, ’cause I’ve been messing around with this idea of perspective within a travelogue for many months now.  Over the summer, I began reading this clever and creative literary magazine online and submitted what was my best effort of Driving West at the time.  Check it out here, under the “Postcards” division of “Frostwriting” – Driving West.  Browse around a little and see what the magazine has to offer, the website boasts and easy-to-navigate platform, to boot.

The funny thing about publication (as impermanent or as international as it may be) is that is carries some sense of finality.  As if every change to the piece hereafter is a post-production change, an after-the-fact, last-minute tweaking of sorts.  I don’t entirely believe that to be true.  But I also don’t think works should be allowed the freedom to go on forever.  I’m becoming more of an advocate of balance, is that alright?

In this case, I’ll still claim impermanence.  I haven’t taken another deep look into the concept of perspective in travelogue, not to the extent that my full desire for the piece has been flushed out.  But the funny thing about that is: I thought I’d always feel the way I did when I penned the first twenty-seven and a half drafts.  And if you spent time with me these last three years, I might have had you convinced.  I was pretty sure I’d feel this way forever.

Well, publishing doesn’t mean permanency.  I guess that’s all I’m trying to say.  Check out my little publication victory and hopeth me that it’s not the last.