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Fancy French name?  La Creperie’s got that covered, complete with a three-paragraph history of the crêpe and the sweet couple who started the restaurant on the menu.  This presumably overlooked detail was a delightful compliment to my six cups of coffee while I waited for my friends, er, co-workers on this cloudy, crisp Tuesday morning-turned-afternoon.


Latest possible brunch before the noon hour is something was can also check off our list after this visit to La Creperie.  My crew seems to have a difficult time getting out of bed when their jobs don’t hinge on it, so even as breakfast from weeks ago has been pushed back from 10:00am to 11:30am, we ordered our crêpes at 12:30 in the afternoon, setting a new precedent for “breakfast” in Urban America.


Our sweet waitress was patient and attentive.  If she thought I was flaky when I couldn’t tell her how many of my friends would wake up and join me for breakfast, she didn’t show it and described her favorite crêpes to me instead.  Much appreciated, mademoiselle


When we finally did eat, everything tasted great.  The crêpes were folded into rectangles and filled with savory mixtures of curry chicken or goat cheese and tomatoes.  The dough had more of a wheat taste than the heavier egg crêpes that I made over the summer with my missionary friends, but I was happy with both varieties.  I’m a sucker for sweet things, so even in its simplicity, I think my favorite was the sweet crêpe we snacked on for dessert – butter, sugar, lemon-covered.  Mmm.


The décor in this cozy little French café was inviting.  We were the anomaly among dark cherry wood walls, decorative plates hanging above the bar and in open china cabinets all around us.  The tables were sturdy and stained in old mismatched colors.  The place had character, which I suppose is what we both had in common. 


So bring your sleepiest co-workers and GO.