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I recently received an email about a new initiative in Los Angeles, Billboards as Art, and I think it’s brilliant. It’s what I truly believe art should be and how it should be displayed, interactive with the quote real world; alive, inviting.

These are the things I think about when I sit on the EL or the CTA buses in Chicago, involuntarily reading advertisements in every nook and cranny about apartment finders and food delivery services.  These are not the things you or I want to be reading, and yes, I’m speaking for us both.  We want to be enriched and grown.  We want to be reminded that even with our twelve degrees in-hand, there is still a whole world of stuff that we don’t know.  But, we are willing to learn.  Yet, we are made to stare at advertisements where there could be poetry or paintings.  We waste space where we could be making art happen.

Billboards as Art in Los Angeles

Clouds, part of the Billboard as Art Series in LA, CA

My thoughts have since been imprisoned by how I can mimic this project.  If I cannot, my only refuge is to set Los Angeles as my next geographic destination and become a part of what’s already happening, if they’ll even have me.  I don’t know anyone in LA, except my one friend’s dad…and I don’t even know him at all.  So in lieu of moving to the West Coast, what can I do to bring art to the forefront?  How can I punctuate the media madness in which we live with beauty?

Neil Postman has some thoughts on the current state of culture, but hasn’t yet offered the solution I’m seeking.  Check out Amusing Ourselves to Death here.