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I didn’t know a lot of legitimate info about Jesus until I went to college.  But before that I had a self-help season of life late in high school where I tried to quit being such a rebel for forty-five seconds and be “good”.  There was one boy who took me to his church after, or before, I cut his hair in the bathroom of his parent’s house.  This friendship may have been one of my first major exposures to Truth on the road to Christ.  You didn’t need all about Pete and his probable obedience to the Spirit leading to my eventual salvation, but consider it my free gift to you.  He’s the reason I know about this Donald Miller blog post, which rings true to the whole issue of God’s will this-n-that.

God’s will is sticky territory; honey spilled all over the carpeted floor and paper towel shoes on your feet.  But it’s there for us to walk across, even in our helpless paper towel shoes.  Miller makes some simple, yet fantastic points, which touch on some main doctrinal “must’s” when it comes to God’s will.  And he gets real with it and remembers to be practical, a detail I’m learning to value more and more.  Check it out.