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[The first song on this page might give a friendly context.]

It’s a new song, I know.  It’s already passed from the website to the email you sent through my music player and into my headphones.  On repeat.  Your new jam on repeat about your live in humanitarian reason for moving to the East Coast girlfriend because of the cadence of your voice.  Not because of her.  The way you say she’s gotta switch in her swing has me singing about her for hours.  Just that line about the switch.  You say she’s got something and she must.  But it’s you that does. 

It’s bothersome.  These lyrics as lies woven into melodies tapestries with background women singing ooh’s and aah’s inside soundproof studio walls.  The day you laid down these tracks your hockey team played and I already knew but you messaged me anyway.  You’re not supposed to be messaging me.  The girl in the song doesn’t like it.  The girl in the song who was surely with you on this your big day watching through the glass watching you sing about waking up with her about this sweet city life you have together.

You’ve been so busy waking up like so.  So busy with these pop rock beats.  Your blues is gone.  It’s gone in your music and I expect in your winter as well which is all well because I used to worry so about your winters.  Your sound has changed.  It’s alright.  I know you need to be known get found find a band to tour the world.  But she hasn’t always been your girl like you sing before a shadow of how you used to solo.  She’s not what you always wanted loved anticipated.  She became your rescue rescuing you giving you a place to run and go and start all over.

On repeat I’ll start to skip the part where you put your faith in cards and angels because she does.  The doo-wop beat poetry tribute that follows is unique with sounds I could hum all day long but the fiction in your lines is too far from this life we know.  I’m glad your new start over forget the past self help life in the big city is working out.  I am.  I couldn’t ever want anything but the most worked out of situations for you.  I hope the switch in her swing fills your still searching soul and that her cards call for a future of everything I’ve learned that you love and nothing that tears you up inside.  I pray every morning is the morning you wrote this song.