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I’ve had a tattoo around my wrist for about a year. It says “Daughter of the King” in script with a drop shadow. I also have a crown on what your typical Westerner would call the “ring finger” on my left hand. I know, gasp!  The concept behind my tattoos has to do with making clear my priorities. It has to do with asserting my betrothal to Christ, my Savior and King. He has redeemed me, claimed me, saved me. I am His.

I am His before I am the wife of any man. Before I am anything to anyone. Historically, it’s been most difficult for me to apply this truth to dating and men. But a little bit of ink under my skin says that I will wake up every morning and love first, my Lord. First, before I go about my day, before I dole out my affections elsewhere, even if it is to a godly man, even if to a husband. First, to my King.

And reminding me of this today was a story from a friend of the understanding that her two-year-old has of how Christ takes us as His bride. Read this precious dialogue between Mom and daughter.