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I’ve been a faithful Barnes and Noble customer for quite some time, now. I was a member for two years. And it took a lot for them to snag me. There’s a 25 dollar fee for this elitist recognition and if you know me, you that’s a hard sell because it involves me paying someone else money. Not a big fan of that, generally.

But, at the time, I had Christmas presents to buy and no time to waste.  Don’t you worry–I did the math twice over. I saved, in one purchase, twice the amount of my annual membership. And that was enough to convince me that I was making a savvy choice. I was quite pleased, in fact. I remember that one of those books was Alexander’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day for Rob, my co-worker. Because we had those days at work a lot. But we tried to turn them upside down like the little pajama-clad boy in the children’s book did.  But that’s neither here nor there, is it?

So, I’m starting a new book club. Which is just, and has always (for me) been an excuse to pencil a schedule and read a book together with others.  Apparently, my current book club counterpart isn’t much of a scheduler, but we can all learn to be flexible, can’t we [insert eye roll]?  I’ve wanted to read Eggers’ memoir, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius since college, but have never gotten around to it outside of an excerpt here or there.

I came across this blog by a gal I don’t know but might like to follow (so strange, the internet and its false relationship-forming…) and she seemed to like the book.  I read all the obligatory prep pages last night and they were ridiculous.  The book is far too self-aware, to the point that it’s distracting and Eggers is constantly interrupting himself to remind of something he’s (already) forgotten.

My comments sound disdainful but don’t be fooled; I’m already completely sold. 

And this is all despite the fact that my formerly-favorite Barnes and Noble mistakenly sent my book club book to Illinois when I specifically spoke with customer service and had it sent to Michigan.  Growl.  They can count on my twenty-five dollars spent elsewhere this year.