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Date: Saturday, February 5
Take a walk for at least 20 minutes. While walking, let yourself freely observe the things, places, and people happening around you. Allow yourself to experience the “right now” as fully as possible with your five senses. Hear as many sounds as possible, see everything that moves and everything that stands still, smell the potent and the subtle odors, touch various textures that you pass, feeling the differences between your fingers, and taste anything that might be available to you, or imagine the tastes of things you observe. Take with you a small notebook, but only write down words or brief phrases that can serve as reminders of things from your walk.

When you return home, refer to your list and expand in short paragraphs on at least three concrete images or senses from your time outside. Give as much detail as you are able. Use metaphors and other comparisons that are unknown and unlikely. Do not resort to clichés.