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Dear Six-and-a-half Readers,
The writing exercises that have been showing up a few times a week on this here blog (Fun little games like this and this) will take a temporary vacation while the writer of such simple exercises tries to live her life uninterrupted. Her responsibilities have increased, her desires have changed, her priorities are shifting and thus, these prompts are being pushed to the ever popular back-burner.

Many things, when pushed to said burner, never return to the grill, don’t reach the desired warm pink center, and are never enjoyed with sautéed mushrooms and onions as they should be. This particular blogger, however, desires (ultimately) to be a writer so I reckon she will surely return to these prompts or others like them.

The journey may take her to another state, it may strip the digits from her bank account (has it not yet?), it may take her through school of another kind (yes, again), it may surprise the folks who love her most and have known her longest. But, they’ll return, however they return.

As I used to say, pretending I was cultured, Konnichiwa.  Except that I also pretended it to mean Peace or See ya later, which it–in fact–does not.