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Bob Dylan’s brilliant lyrics, Adele’s beautiful voice.  Make You Feel My Love.  He may have had a point, Dylan, when he suggested that there were things we had to actually step out and do in order to express this thing we feel and choose.  This…love.

Sean McConnell, lyrics and vocals, taking the narrative stance of a creator God. Madly In Love With You.  God plainly does things to show His love.  In a grossly simplified gospel, He sent His son to earth to live among his created people in order to show how He loves us, to show how to love others, to show what love actually looks like, what it needs to do in order to be made real, tangible.

If making you feel my love doesn’t matter, if your perception of feeling legitimate and valued isn’t important–then I signed up for the wrong gospel.  Jesus made a ministry out of making sure others felt loved by him.  Where would I get the idea that anything else is okay?