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I want so deeply to be a lover, not just a collection of holy words in sandals or sneakers. I want to be real to people of all kinds. I want to change the way people receive the word “Christian” because of having known me. Positively.

I want to speak without arrogance and learn new things with passion, without agenda.  I hope to share boldly about belief and the few things I know, but keep quiet more often and hear all the things I’ve never heard.  Can I learn to ask questions with grace and sincerity, seeking to explore the layers beneath the person we are usually comfortable knowing?  This is love.

I find myself regularly agreeing with my friend and peer, Andy Marin, and his thoughts on what love–at its core–actually is. What is this love that God gives to us and expects to see holding us together, the lines between people? Take the time to read Andy’s thought here.