Driving in the Right Lane

linda a. sullivan’s first name is pronounced with a long i sound in the Spanish language by placing an accent over the i (Lee-nda). She likes hearing her name in this way, this preference embedded heavily in her infatuation with Mexican culture. She plans to move back to her hometown after graduation, just south of her favorite metropolis, Chicago, and await any combination of opportunities in Biblical studies, writing, missions, or other ministries. She always drives in the right lane on the highway, unless passing. And that’s the way it should be.

2 thoughts on “Driving in the Right Lane”

  1. lbcarizona said:

    SUEBREEDING: The driving in the right lane of the highway was a good personal touch that fully gives readers a clear pic of the writer.

    MELTEDIGLOO3: brilliant, i love how you pronounced your name. What biblical studies are you involved in? (Rhema? etc..)

  2. Never drive on the left, before!

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