My prints ground swirling lines on the plastic, fading alphabet.

I asked you, told you, stroked you with my words,

And hit ‘send’.

Understand, that my page in my stage like the amplifier is yours,

And when you returned to me and all you could say was ‘ok’,

That wasn’t enough to sustain.


1 thought on “Email”

  1. lbcarizona said:

    GUESSER: Really well done. I’ve been there too…waiting for the feedback that you need to survive, and getting nothing. It’s one of the most frustrating feelings I’ve ever known.

    KAYZZAMAN: Oh, that is a sure shot, very lovely.

    TREBLE: I have found its better not to reply at all if you don’t have time to give an adequate one….Unfortunately, I rarely do have time to provide what I believe to be an adequate reply.

    Good post.

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