Party of One

Some things, I’ll still do,

with our without

being partnered with you.

And I’ll go on

Quite contentedly as this party of just me –

But all this time,

as my philosophies became yours

and your hobbies mine, there

becomes those things which cannot stand

apart from us paired.

As we dissolve, so does saki

In small glasses and a wooden box.

As we go, goes hockey sticks

in the rain and your clothes

in my dryer, on the porch, under the storm.

So goes road trips to the West

and ventures to visit friends, some two-hundred miles

North along the lake.

We go and let go of far-fetched ideas of cohesion

Alter our dreams to wake up alone for now,

never next to you.

We step away and gently fall apart,

giving you back your freedom to doubt,

and your sweatshirt,

maybe tomorrow.


1 thought on “Party of One”

  1. lbcarizona said:

    XANADU: Beautiful and sad~

    MJEVER: Hauntingly beautiful…but sad. I am sorry for the breakup, but hope you’ll find that one special person soon. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    LIFEISGOODJAKE: wonderful use of images here. i loved this …

    MEAGAIN: This is my second exposure to your writing and it has impressed me, sentiment aside, the writing is good and obviously the sentiment is personally felt. This feeling is evident in the writing and the images and energy is well delivered.

    MARGO: this cut deep with both wisdom and pain. i loved it!

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