Your Own Cadence

One day she will dance. I’m sure she moves like no one’s watching when no one is – shakes her full hips on and off the beat, faster than that, forward and back, bum-bum, bada-bum-bum, hands tight on her thighs before they’re thrown up in the air as the tempo rises, smile wide, mouth open, swirling amidst the bounce of the bass – losing herself in the smash of percussion rhythms – – sshhh-sshhhe’s almost too comfortable. 

She loves to dance, I know she does. The corner of her mouth where those melodic lips meet curls halfway back, hiding her grin every time she tells me no, nO, NO. I kn-o-w – you refuse to shake the way you surely can, so for now breathe in every slow dance, every single sway lost is sweet darkness. For now, until one day – the day she dances. 

1 thought on “Your Own Cadence”

  1. halal is the hebrew root word for “hallelujah,” as we know it today. It means to demonstrate our praise with the showing of a drunken mad man, like David who danced for the Lord. (Think of those guys at the football game who paint their chest and holla for their team). Hallelujah delivers the Con De Grace to the enemy (the mercy kill) and takes us into victory.
    Praise changes the atmosphere, celebration rejoices in our King and jubilation is victory over our enemies with spoil. God bless =)

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